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Congratulations to the Past Years Award Winners



Unfortunately, the cancellation of the Annual Conference and Awards Banquet in April did not allow us to recognize our 2019 nominees nor announce the award recipients in person. The IAWPCO wants to congratulate every facility and wastewater professional who was nominated for our awards this past year.  To even be nominated is a great achievement in of itself. 

2019 IAWPCO Award Recipients

Group 1 - Naperville, Springbrook WRC

Group 2 - City of Carbondale,  NW Plant

Group 3 - Village of Huey

Group 4 - Village of Pawnee

Industrial Achievement - U.S. Steel, East Alton

Operator of the Year - John Brechin, Village of Addison

Clarence W. Klassen Outstanding Service Award - Roger Callaway, IEPA

Awards Classification Regrouping


On May 4, 2018 the IAWPCO Executive Board approved a motion by Second Vice-President Edger Mendoza to amend the groupings for the Plant of the Year Awards. This amendment was unanimously approved by the IAWPCO Executive Board. Awards Committee Chair Phil Brandenburg, and Illinois EPA Representative Jim Miles were present at the meeting and supportive of the amendment. This amendment has been in long discussion with the Association. Deriving from the increasing difficulty, on the inspector’s part, in the fair judging of facilities that are larger with possibly more abundant resources than a smaller facility. The Group 3 Plants have also decreased in numbers across the State over the years making nominations in this category difficult. The new groupings will be as follows.


Group 1 -  All Plants over 7.5 MDG DAF

Group 2 -  All Plants from 1 MGD DAF to under 7.5 MGD DAF

Group 3 -  All Plants other than Lagoons under 1 MGD DAF

Group 4 -  All Lagoons

Industrial Achievement and Operator of the Year Awards remain unchanged.

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The IAWPCO Regional Conferences will be business meetings only via video conferencing.  They will be held on October 13 & 14th, 2020 for each region. 

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