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Congratulations to the 2023 IAWPCO Award Recipients and Nominees!

Awards Banquet Photos

Clarence W. Klassen Outstanding Service Award
Shirley G. Burger, Village of Bloomingdale

Group 1 Plant of the Year
Galesburg Sanitary District -  Award Recipient
Granite City Regional WWTP
Group 2 Plant of the Year
Rock Falls WWTP
City of Moline, North Slope WWTP - Award Recipient
Chester WWTP
Olney WWTP

Group 3 Plant of the Year
Spring Valley WWTP - Award Recipient
Greater Chillicothe Sanitary District
Dubois WWTP

Group 4 Plant of the Year
City of Toluca WWTP - Award Recipient
Richview WWTP
Allendale WWTP

Industrial Plant of the Year
No Nominees

Operator of the Year
Brad Powers - City of Washington
Elmer Stauffer - IDNR State Parks
Robert Risley - Water Treat Technology
Don Davis - Carmi WWTP - Award Recipient


Past Awards Banquet Photos